Ueckermünde Experience!

Written by Kees Schuur

The study visit of the ARTPAD team to Ueckermünde in the most North-East of Germany, was supported by nice summer weather. It shined over the four locations visited and also offered the opportunity of experiencing the city and environment of Ueckermünde.

The four locations visited were:

  1. Nikolai Schule in Pasewlak,
  2. Youth centre in Eggesin
  3. ZERUM – Center for Experimental Education and Environmental Education Ueckermünde
  4. international Art and Cultural youth centre in Bröllin (incl presentation of the EU-project Writing Theatre at school)

At all four locations the central issue is the attitude and approach of the people doing the job (‘reliable and trustworthy adults who are building relationships’) and with their head, hands and heart and their being they turn every method, play, drama into gold. Chrisine Lauenstein of the Cultural Youth Centre always tells to everyone about the “gold dust that is in every child” and part of the ‘gold dust’ is the ability of the child to turn what is ‘dust’ into ‘gold’. Just make it happen is what she and all the other workers at the four locations do.



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