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This page has been create to help our trainers deliver the course effectively. Here you will be able to find a number of useful documents, publications and web links. There is also a section at the bottom to contact us with anything missing or you would like adding to the page that you find useful during delivery and/or preparation.

You can download the Training Guide (English) as a PDF file here or in your home country language at the bottom of this page in the Country Specific Information and Training Guides section

ARTPAD Training Guide_Final FrontCover

Training Guide Resources for Delivery

PowerPoints – as PDF documents

Session 1 – How we learn and engage in learning

Session 2 – Understanding children’s Play

Session 3 – Imagination “What if worlds?”

Session 4 – Positional Drama

Session 5 – Role Play: Another pair of shoes

Session 6 – Mantle of the expert

Session 7 – Considering the environment

Session 8 – The role of the adult: The educator as facilitator

Session 9 – Play and Drama for supporting resilience – revision, reflection and putting into practice

Session 10 – Implementation and reflection on practice


Session 1, Activity 6 – Stories

Session 7, Activity 5 – Children’s Name Cards

Session 8, Activity 2 – HAPPY / UNHAPPY Signs

Playwork Partnerships Games Booklet

ARTPAD Central Principles Mini Folded Leaflet FINAL

Playwork Principles Posters 

Playwork Principles Scrutiny Group, Cardiff 2005

Image Credit: © 2011 Sarah Wilson, Playwork Partnerships

Playwork Principle 1 Colour Playwork Principle 2 Colour    Playwork Principle 3 ColourPlaywork Principle 4 Colour   Playwork Principle 5 Colour   Playwork Principle 6 Colour Playwork Principle 8 Colour


Country Specific Information and Training Guides

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