Development through play and drama – Day of Joy – 21st February 2017

Hungarian Multiplier Event

On the 21st of February 2017, a “Day of Joy” will be organised in Budapest, Hungary, as part of the ARTPAD project, by Rogers Foundation for Person-centred Education. The aim of the event is to share the results of the project so far with stakeholders in Hungary, including school directors, teachers, youth leaders and pedagogical staff. It is also an opportunity to present the Best Practice Guide developed within the project.

The event is named “Day of Joy”, as we are aiming for providing experiences and joy to the participants while learning about the project and the possible application of plays, games and drama methods in institutional programs. Following an opening presentation, there are going to be parallel interactive workshops focusing on the following topics:

  • Board games in education
  • The method and the benefits of playwork
  • Morality: What would you do? – Exploring moral dilemmas through a card game
  • Playwright and drama camps
  • Dramatic Changes: drama methods as means of developing employability skills of young people
  • Kamishibai (paper theatre), drama and tales

We are going to present the central principles of supporting the overall development of children and young people which the partnership has identified during the one-year long research phase of the project. We will then discuss with the participants how they are relevant to these concepts of play, games and drama and draw conclusions about their application. Therefore the event will be a great opportunity for stakeholders to share ideas and to network with each other, and to create a dialogue about the role of play and drama in education.


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